Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thanksgiving jumpstart

I know it is a month away, but the thought of having to eat turkey this Thanksgiving makes me crazy. Aside from all that I have learned about turkeys this year, I am simply tired of them. So, since I have a few weeks to plan, I am taking suggestions for main dish ideas. I love all food, but can tell you that a vegetarian/vegan Thanksgiving will go over with the guys about as well as a fart in church... so think meat! I will also be hosting a "Something New To Your Table" challenge as we get closer. Start digging out those recipe boxes, I know I can't wait!

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  1. Ham is the obvious other meat for Thanksgiving but if that isn't what you want.... how about a beef brisket? Slow cooked in the oven all day with a dry rub? Yummy..... I use either a sweet hot dry rub or a chipotle cinnamon rub. Either makes a darn good brisket. Before putting on the dry rub, rub the meat with a bit of liquid smoke and garlic. Then put on the dry rub and wrap the brisket in foil. Cook long and slow!