Friday, November 13, 2009

Girls morning out

There are days I really need to connect with other women on some level besides just being a mom. Usually when I get together with my friends, it is for something that revolves around our kids, cooking for them, playing with them (although I am kinda the joke of our group, only attending playgroup once a year), or some activity. If we make a lunch date to go out, we spend $5 and hr on a babysitter, 7-10$ on lunch, and still end up discussing our kids.
Well, a group of us have come up with a different idea. Our YMCA has personal trainers to the tune of $38/hr. None of us can justify spending that on a pair of shoes, let alone an hour to work out. There is another option, however. We can pay $50 and a whole group of us can go. Because I am a volunteer in the aerobics department, my childcare is free, and I spend $12.50 (less than a lunch date, and doesn't cost me a pound of guilt) and work out with a fun group of women. We have our workout in common, but we are so busy disliking the trainer for making us sweat, that we don't have time to talk about the kids. I am sure this is the state of mind I am supposed to be achieving in yoga, you know, no thoughts about the day, but this way I really can't think about anything but how bad my butt hurts, and when is this exercise going to end. We laugh and sweat together for cheap! Even if you only do it once a month, what a great girls morning out.

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  1. What a great idea! I need to find something similar to get myself where I need to be mentally.