Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shopping trip for Nov 23

Downtown Grocery
Eggs 4.99
Arthur loops 3.19
Tomatoes 3.89
Tomato soup 3.59
Garlic 1.33
Total 16.99

flour 2-3.58
marshmallows 0.99
milk 1.49
cool whip 3-3.00
oranges 5-4.45
pineapple 3-2.97
pudding 3-2.37
cheese 3-4.98
dish soap 3.19
Parmesan 2.50
enchilada sauce 2-3.58
cottage cheese 1.79
cherries 1.69
bananas #5-3.43
jello 2-1.58
pineapple 2.99
ham 19.54
Total 64.27

Milk 5-20.00
Grand total $101.27
I have to keep in mind that this total includes a rather large and tasty looking ham I normally would not have bought, and ingredients for a fruit salad for 25 hungry teachers since I volunteered to make food for them during conferences. That actually added $10.11 to my bill. So for this week, $91.16 is not too bad with company and the holiday. Definitely under my $125 a week goal! This just goes to show that God does provide (in the form of sale prices) when we practice hospitality.

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