Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Two pieces of bread, a slice of cheese and a napkin...

My best friend in high school always joked about how I could make a meal out of nothing. To this day she still comments on how I could take two slices of bread, a piece of cheese and an empty fridge and make a gourmet meal. Wished I would have taken that idea and ran with it, I would be a household name like Sandra. I admire her strength and creativity and wish I could come up with a tenth of the ideas she does for my own house, decorating wise.
I am, however, still blessed with the ability to look in my kitchen for three minutes and come up with a day or two (or week) of meals that require nothing more than milk or an egg to round it out. My sisters tell me they have no clue how I do it, and I am stumped to explain it to them. I think cooking must be my love language. I can't even tell you how grateful that God has blessed me with this gift as it has come in handy, well, every day. What are you grateful for?

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