Monday, November 30, 2009

Menu Monday Nov 30- Dec 6

Thanksgiving went of without too much of a hitch. There was some issue with the shape of my rolls, and my friend was not entirely happy with her pies, but everything tasted wonderful and our kids had a great time playing together.
I just got my Country Life order, and since it was rather large, I am shopping from my freezer for the next two weeks. Also, I have been finding that as the nights get longer, I tend to cook heavier. This results in my scale reading heavier... So, in order to combat that, I will be testing lighter suppers this week in order to see how the rest of the family feels.

Breakfast-Cinnamon rolls (left over from company) bananas
Lunch-Leftovers (Enchiladas or potatoes and ham)
Supper-Noodles & Company (already have these)

Breakfast-Crock pot steel cut oats, peaches
Lunch-Turkey salad, oranges- Hot lunch for kids
Supper-Cream of tomato soup, ham and cheese sandwiches

Breakfast-French toast sticks, apple sauce
Lunch-Salmon salad, apples- Hot lunch for kids
Supper-Potato soup, cheese, no-kneed bread

Breakfast-Cereal, bananas
Lunch-Ham and cheese sandwiches, chips
Supper-Creamy pasta bake, salad

Breakfast-Eggs and toast
Lunch-PB and J, bananas
Supper-Frozen pizza (we are going to a party)

Lunch-Crispy chicken, salad, creamy mac&cheese, beets
Supper-Veggie soup, bagels with cream cheese

Brunch-Biscuits and gravy, fruit cups, cereal
Supper-Fish tacos, coleslaw, mangoes

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