Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Absent this Friday

It used to be a tradition, getting up at 3:30 AM and going through the ads with my in-laws to see what bargains we could find on "Black Friday". Since we've moved, I don't go anymore. While I do miss the fun of spending a crazy morning with them, it has been somewhat freeing to not have go through the insanity of standing in line for an hour, or getting shoved by some crazy lady who had to get to the $1 Barbie first. We have simplified our giving so much, that I save more now at Christmas by simply not buying, then I ever would have if I steamrollered some Grandma to get to the toy isle ahead of everyone.
I am grateful to be able to afford to skip the consumer hype and just enjoy the day after Thanksgiving digesting with my kids over puzzles. What are you grateful for? Head on over to Laura's at Heavenly Homemakers and let the rest of us know.

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  1. It can be easy to get caught up in all the acquisition of "stuff" at this time of year. But it's so good to be able to step away from that and enjoy the simple things - family, friends, and time spent together. Happy Thanksgiving!