Sunday, February 28, 2010

Menu Monday February 28-March 6

We are back from our lovely vacation where we ate tons of our favorite foods and soaked in culture as well as a bit of sun (and mezcal as well). Now we are back to the grind, but with a bit of a breather as my kids and their parents are taking the month off of activities. With the exception of Wednesday night CCD and karate one day, we are done for the month of April with swimming, gymnastics and wrestling. Swimming starts again in April for #1 and in May for #2 and #3 but just this month off will help tremendously. We also have decided to take the plunge concerning our kids education, so frugality will be a hot topic here, more on that later. Here is the menu for this week.

Brunch- Eggs Benedict or homemade egg sandwiches, bacon, bananas
Supper- Roasted chicken, brown rice, garlic green beans, strawberries

Breakfast-Raisin cookie oatmeal
Lunch-Leftovers from Sunday
Supper-Chicken stir-fry and eggrolls

Breakfast-Eggs and toast, grapes
Lunch-At school
Supper-Ribs with my sister's family, coleslaw, beans, fruity salad

Breakfast-Muffins and yogurt with bananas
Lunch-Pb&J, grapes
Supper-Ham and bean soup, corn bread, oranges

Breakfast-Cold cereal and toast
Lunch-at school
Supper-Chicken and rice casserole, salad, applesauce

Breakfast-Waffles with blueberry syrup
Lunch-Tuna salad and grapes, hummus with veggies
Supper-Fish fry

Breakfast-Peach crepes
Lunch-Turkey sandwiches and tortellini soup, peaches
Supper-Homemade pizza and a movie

I'm Back!

Been gone a while,
now I'm back.
Had lots to do,
cut me some slack.... lol!