Friday, May 28, 2010

Eggs again, but better

You all know my thing about eggs don't you? My hubby makes raw egg, raw milk shakes in the morning so I felt like the price I was paying for my eggs was worth knowing they were good. So how could these eggs get any better?
Well..... I am a huge advocate for getting to know the people you are buying your food from. So I was talking to one of the owners of the Downtown Grocery the other day, and mentioned that I could not find anyone to share a case of eggs with me in order to get the 10% case discount they offer. That would have dropped my eggs down to $4.50 a dozen. Yes, I know that still seems like a lot, but I have good math to back that one up. Besides, when you consider that we go through a loaf of bread and a dozen eggs in the morning, and that feeds six of us for less than a dollar a person. Try doing that at a restaurant on a Sunday morning!
As I was saying, I was telling Blaine that I had not found anyone to share a case, and as many eggs as we eat in a month, there is no way we are going to eat 16 dozen eggs, 10 yes, but a case, afraid not. So, Blaine tells me that if we are eating 10 dozen a month, why not just come out to the farm and he will sell them to us wholesale.
Are you kidding?
Then in the same week (because of the same man) I found an organic milk supplier that charges $5 a gallon for certified organic milk. Sooooooooo, long story short, I raised my milk by $1 a gallon, but dropped my eggs by $1.50 a dozen. More eggs, better milk, and come out $0.50 ahead? I would call that a Frugal Friday! What I want to know is, are you on a grocery budget? Do you stick to it and pay only cash, or tally up your receipts when you get home and try not to cry?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pretty Flower Bento

This was a bento for my daughter's lunch. There is bread and butter under the salami and cheese flowers and there is a miniature brownie between the dates and the carrots. I also added a thermos of milk and a baby food jar with ranch dressing in it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grocery shopping for May 25th

We did really well hitting sales this week, #4 was my big grocery store helper since Quality foods is nice enough to have child sized carts for him to use.

Downtown Grocery
Pita chips 3.49
Gorilla munch cereal 4.69
Monkey bars(2) 8.98
Tomato paste 1.69
Arthur loops 3.19
4/5# Apricots 3.47
Garlic 0.91
Ginger 0.91
Total 31.62

Quality Foods
Natural pb(2) 4.58
Kashi go lean 3.93
Lemon Juice 2.37
Barbecue sauce 0.99
Unbleached flour 2.37
Buttermilk 1.18
Pasta 1.49
2.5# Cabbage 1.23
Sandwich flats 2.50
Cucumbers 1.18
Vidella onion 0.69
1# Deli turkey 4.81
2# carrots 1.69
Shredded wheat 3.95
Tomatoes 3.20
Cherries 2.99
Red pepper 1.52
Puff corn 2.69
Strawberries 2.00
Raisin bread 2.99
Hamburger buns 2.00
Toilet paper 5.98
Total 56.58
Total saved 7.16

Grand total 88.20
36.80 under budget for the week!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bbq beef sandwiches- crock pot

This is a good way to use a chuck roast in the summer when you don't feel like eating a typical roast, potato, carrot dinner. It also uses the crock pot, so you are not heating up the house running your oven.

3 lb beef chuck roast
1 c barbecue sauce (I made my own, just mixing stuff up in a cup)
1/2 c apricot or peach jam
1/3 c green pepper
1 T stone ground mustard
2 t sucanat
1 small onion sliced
12 kaiser or hamburger buns

Cut the beef into 4 pieces and place in a 4 quart slow cooker. Mix next 6 ingrediants and pour over beef. Cover and cook on low for 7-8 hours. Slice thinly and add back to pot to reheat for 20 mor minutes until hot, fill buns and serve with coleslaw and watermelon.

Menu Monday May 23-29

Well, it is officially short timer weather around here. The kids have started counting the days until school is out, and I have to confess, I am too. With the holiday weekend approaching, I am looking forward to the mini break from soccer and football, and the end of swimming lessons. Backpacks will still be need for another week after that, but at that point, we can handle anything. Here is what we are eating this final week of the crazies. Any of you ready to be done with driving or homeschooling?

Brunch-Pancakes with syrup, Denver omelets, toast
Eggs and toast
Yogurt smoothies and cinnamon toast
Oatmeal with peaches and milk
Cinnamon rolls
Pumpkin bread with honey yogurt
Cinnamon roll french toast

Leftover nachos, watermelon
Bento box for school picnics
Bbq beef and fruit cups
Lunch at school
Cold turkey sandwiches, lettuce salad
Snacks for lunch

"Meltdown" nachos
Grilled chicken, rice and salad
Bbq beef sandwiches, macaroni salad, strawberries
Weeknight chicken and pasta
Turkey panini, chips, carrots and celery
Ginger glazed mahi mahi, blue cheese slaw, cherries
Smoked pork shoulder

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bento #3

This was a stay at home meal, but easy to do in a bento box. I made egg salad for the face, sliced eggs and olives for eyes, red pepper mouths and the hair was grated carrot or chives. #3 wanted ears for his, so I sliced cucumber very thinly and added that to his. They pulled them apart to eat them, but they were gone in a flash.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grocery Shopping Trip May 10

I tried again to keep my shopping to a minimum since we have a bulk order coming up soon and I want to not do too bad on the budget goals. Since I already spent a chunk at IGA on our Mother's Day tapas supper, I had to be more frugal at the store. The easiest way to do that is look for recipes that fit what we have at home in the pantry or freezer and round out the rest of the week with fresh produce on sale. Of course I am stuck in the egg and milk department, but that is, what it is.

2.5 gallons milk 10.00

Downtown Grocery
2 dozen eggs 9.98
Couscous 2.99
Baby red potatoes 1.34
#2.14 Braeburn apples 4.04
Bug bite 0.79
Total 19.98

Dill pickles 2.59
Broccoli 3.32
Dried beef 3.09
Sweet/sour sauce 1.50
Cauliflower 2.24
Carrots 0.79
Meatballs 5.00
2 tins sardines 2.78
Cream cheese 1.54
Chicken wings 2.50
Tea 1.00
Tomatoes 2.51
Bag 0.99
Marshmallows 1.50
Brown sugar 1.93
White sugar 2.83
Unbleached flour 2.47
2 Bagel packs 2.58
Orange juice 2.50
Ground beef 5.32
Total 49.02
Coupons or sale savings 10.42

Chicken breast 3.72
#1 Asparagus 3.91
2 avocados 1.76
#1.86 Bananas 1.28
Mango 0.89
#12.94 Watermelon 5.69
Total 17.20
Total saved 0.92

Total spent 96.20
Coupon or sale savings 9.96

Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu Monday May 9-15

What a wonderful Mother's Day! I opened my personal thumbprint art from my 4-K child before we left the house, and watered the flower from my 1st grader. We went to church where I wore my new beads my preschooler made me, and then across the street to the 6th Street Filling Station to eat breakfast, while carrying the two Right to Life roses I got at church. The kids had stuffed french toast or cinnamon roll french toast (which I have got to recreate at home on the new baking pan from my oldest) and hubby and I had eggs benedict. Then we stopped by the grocery store to get a ham for supper. While we were sitting in the car discussing what to eat with it, hubby suggested we have snacks to tide us over since it was 10:30 and we had just eaten, this turned into just having appetizers for supper. YUMMY! The kids helped cook, and we ended up with our first annual tapas for mother's day supper. On the table were meatballs, egg rolls, grilled chicken wings, bruschetta, homemade tortilla chips, dill pickle rolls, black bean pinwheels and a veggie tray. We had just a couple bites of everything so that left us with no leftovers and just enough room for ice cream afterwards. Since we had spent the day outside doing yard work, it was the best mother's day yet in my mind. Today I will look through the cookbook my husband blessed me with (does he know how to keep a girl's heart or what) and figure out what is on the menu for next week. How did you celebrate?

Eggs benedict
Buttermilk coffee cake and bananas
Toasted banana bread, applesauce
Pumpkin muffins and yogurt
Bagel egg sandwich
Kids choice

Grilled cheese, pickled beets
Lunch at school
Lunch at school
Turkey sandwich and fruit cups
Bento box faces
Burgers and home fries

Asparagus primavera, grilled chicken breast
Dirty rice, salad and veggies
Steak, baked potato and broccoli
Chicken penne and salad
Pizza and tortilla crusted tilapia with salad
Sandwiches and tortellini soup

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Grocery shopping trip

Ok, so I went over at my first store, but my goal was to to stay at $125 for the week no matter how it ended up at each store. I didn't have enough Scrips for Trigs, but plenty for IGA. I also learned that no matter what, if it is not on sale and on my list, I don't buy it at Trigs... the price difference between it and IGA add up, and I also found things on my list on sale at IGA that were not advertised, like the sandwich flats and yogurt. Someday I will figure this all out! Next week I will overbuy the Scrips, but still stay in my total budget.

Trig's (most expensive store)
Balsamic and Raspberry vinegar 6.18
2 bags Sandwich flats 6.38
organic ketchup 2.79
2 Kashi crackers 6.38
GoLean cereal 2.69
Ginger Ale 2.50
Pretzles 2.39
Salsa 2.49
Blue corn chips 1.99
#1.3 cod fillets 6.49
Turkey sausage 3.00
#1 Salmon 8.00
#1 Carrots 0.79
#1.88 Tomatoes 3.27
Spinach 1.88
Garlic 0.30
#1/2 Mini peppers 2.50
Green onions 1.38
Feta 1.59
#4 Butter 8.00
Cheese 3.89
Cheese 3.99
Store bag 0.89
Total 84.06
Savings 14.11 Coupons and sale items

Quality Foods
#2.5 Oatmeal 4.23
Newman marinara 2.29
2 Quarts Natural Yogurt 5.00
Parchment paper 2.87
Calamata olives 6.49 (yikes)
#1 Honey Ham 7.69 (overcharged)
Strawberries 2.50
2 Cucumbers 0.88
2 Avocados 1.38
Romaine 2.99
Buttermilk 2.32
Artichokes 3.49
2 Sandwich thins 5.00
Head lettuce 0.99
Total 47.28
Savings 5.04

3 boxes Puffs 2.97
3 dish detergants 2.97
3 cans salmon 5.97
3 cans tuna 2.97
Total 14.91
Coupon Savings 11.30

Total spent 146.25 (21.25 over budget)
Total savings 30.45

Menu Monday May 2-8

We are eating from a new magazine this week called Clean Eating, so I hope we can really work in some of the produce that is coming into season.

Pigs under the blanket
Rice pudding with raisins
Eggs and toast
Oatmeal cookie oatmeal
Surprise muffins and smoothies
Cold cereal
Waffles and peaches
Kids choice Saturday

PB and J, carrots, peaches
Chef salad, bread sticks
Cheese and jelly sandwiches, ants on a log
Tilapia wraps
PB and J, strawberries
Salmon Quesadillas

Chicken pot pie, salad
Black bean tostadas, chips and salsa
Chicken foccasia, salad
Grilled tilapia, banana black bean salsa
Cobb salad, bread