Sunday, November 1, 2009

Menu Monday Nov 2- Nov 8

I decided to include this under the budget label as I am shopping from my freezer again in an attempt to give the checkbook a breather...until I have to place my Country Life order...

Breakfast-Irish Oatmeal with apples or peaches
Lunch-Sandwiches on no kneed bread, chips, fruit cups
Supper-Noodles & Company (Thai curry soup for me, gotta get a recipe)

Breakfast-Waffles with pb, nectarines
Lunch-Soba noodles with peas and carrots, grapes,
Supper-Subway (already have Scrips)

Breakfast-Eggs and toast
Lunch-School lunch (pizza day)
Supper-Roasted chicken, root vegetables, cottage cheese

Breakfast-Toast and yogurt parfaits with peaches and blueberries
Lunch-PB&J roll-ups, carrot sticks with dip, fruit cups,
Supper-Buttery Shrimp and Pasta, salad

Breakfast-Blueberry muffins, boiled eggs
Lunch-Cream cheese, banana and honey wraps, apples
Supper-Pizza and salad

Breakfast-Pancakes and fruit
Lunch-Fish sticks, french fries, green beans
Supper-Lasagna and salad

Breakfast-Brunch (kids choice)
Supper-Chicken and noodles, smashed potatoes, salad

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