Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu Monday Nov 9-15

We are back from our whirlwind trip to Iowa and Nebraska to see family. I cleaned out the refrigerator before we left, so I was scrounging for breakfast and lunchbox things for the kids. Freezer waffles to the rescue!

Monday-Bake bread for the week
Breakfast-Waffles with pb
Lunch-Mac and cheese, fruit cups
Supper-Crock pot lasagna, garlic toast, salad

Breakfast-Eggs and toast
Lunch-Hot lunch at school
Supper-Subway (scrips)

Breakfast-Cold cereal, bananas
Lunch-Hot lunch at school
Supper-Roast chicken, root vegetables, salad (bake potatoes for week)

Breakfast-Crock pot steel cut oats, peaches
Lunch-Rice and chicken bento, raw veggies, pomegranate
Supper-Baked potato soup, ham and Swiss panini, apples

Breakfast-Fruit and yogurt smoothies, muffins
Lunch-Pb and j sandwiches, dates, carrot slices
Supper-Pizza, salad

Breakfast-Pancakes with blueberries
Lunch-Chicken with lemon-tarragon mayonnaise and grapes, coleslaw
Supper-Corned beef brisket, colcannon, squash, salad

Brunch-Egg and sausage skillet, fruit smoothies
Supper-Chicken and noodles with carrots, smashed potatoes, salad, apple pie

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