Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Peachy

I know I should be making a menu this morning, but I am sure you will understand when I show you how busy I was... I am now into my second box of beautiful organic peaches. Yes, they are from California, but really.. where was I going to find these beauties in Wisconsin? This is how they started, and this is how my stove started, note how clean it is.
The big black pot has jars heating in it, so they will be very clean for the peaches. You don't want anything nasty growing in your jars. The lidded pot is water heating for peeling the peaches, and the pot in the back has a light sugar solution in it. I am using white sugar for this and as I type I am wondering if you sucanat would have worked just as well. Hmmm, next batch perhaps.
Once the peaches are peeled, pitted, sliced and sprinkled with ascorbic acid, they are loaded into the hot jars and topped off with the syrup.
Here they are, all full and taking a nice hot bath for 20 minutes. This is what makes it possible for us to still be eating these little jars of sunshine in the middle of the winter.
Ta Da! They are so pretty that I almost want to just store them on my counter top. The only problem with that is my kids want to eat them while they are still cooling. Who needs Del Monte?

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