Friday, May 1, 2009

You want apples, how bout them apples...

I love a deal as much as the next girl. I just found a great blog this morning on this very subject. Gayle at The Grocery Cart Challenge is feeding as many as I am on an amazing budget! This got me thinking, what do I spend a month at the grocery store? No clue... So, this month will be devoted to keeping track of our grocery budget. Hopefully I will not go into shock at the end of it, I like to think I am somewhat budget conscious, but with the most amazing little store so close to the YMCA, it is easy to pop in and just pick something up that is needed for the night, and a few things that aren't.
What does this have to do with apples, you ask? I'll tell you. This same grocery store has a case-to-go program where they will give you a discount on anything in the store if you purchase by the case. I would have never thought to ask except Laura talked about it over here at Heavenly Homemakers. Thank you Laura! So, I emailed some friends and now have started a small Dirty Dozen co-op of sorts. Our first order, you guessed it, apples. See how pretty they are in my fruit bowl?
The best part, compare these beauties to the same variety at our local big store. Conventional-$1.99 and Organic $2.39. So how much did we pay for our beautiful fruit while supporting a small local store that is in turn co-owned by local organic farmer, Blaine Tornow?
A whopping $1.26 a pound! Going to have an apple...

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