Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Sacrifice is such a powerful word. We don't think of it the same way as it used to be, the alter, the lamb (or chicken) the fire and the prayers. For some, it means not purchasing that big t.v. they wanted, or going on that cruise they planned on for this year. Call me crazy, but that is just being patient, not a sacrifice. Sacrifice hurts, sacrifice is hard and is life changing. Sacrifice is my sister without a husband for a year. Sacrifice is being half a world away from your baby boy and only hearing his voice, not holding him. Sacrifice is all those crosses in Arlington cemetery. Heavy for Gratituesday, I know. Today I am thankful for Sgt. Mitchell L Brahms and all the service men and women both alive and at peace, who make the ultimate sacrifice.


  1. Great post! May we never forget and continue to lift these up in prayer!