Monday, May 11, 2009

Menu Monday May 10-16

My sister is on the road! She just called to get our address so that she can use one of my other sister's GPS for the drive up here. The Twin Cities can be tricky, so she will appreciate that one. On to the menu. Since she is on Weight Watchers (and so am I in theory) this week we will be paying special attention to the points value of recipes. (this will not include the homemade ice cream we had Sunday night, lol)

lemon poppy seed muffins (4), fruit chunkies-chopped fruit with yogurt on top (3)
oatmeal, milk (2)
eggs (2), Lindsy's multigrain toast (2), cantaloupe (1)
french toast (don't want to know)
smoothies (4) and pb toast (4)
kids choice

Bagels(4) with toppings-lettuce, pb (2), cream cheese, cheese, hummus (2)
turkey sandwiches (5)
carrot and celery sticks (0), ranch dressing (1)
tortellini soup (4)
sloppy joes
cereal (4)

Sunday- Shrimp Bake, rice, salad, homemade ice cream
Monday- Buffalo chicken salad (5), naan, parsnips
Tuesday-Beer burgers (7), ranch potato wedges, fruit kabobs
Wednesday-Applebee's for their WW menu (swim and CPR class)
Thursday-Papa Murphy's pizza (chicken artichoke, yum!)
Friday- pizza for kids, grilled salmon with black bean salsa (7), salad
Saturday-chili (snuck in 2 cans v-8,) grilled cheese

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