Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Command Central

My family, on more than one occasion, has accused me of being too organized. Well, not organized so much as scheduled. Breakfast done by 7:10, lunch at 11:30, nap at 1:00, pizza on Friday, muffins on Monday, swimming on Tuesday, soccer on Saturday.... you see where I am going. Those of you with a large family, or a spouse, or a job, or a house know what I mean. Actually, that would include nearly every adult I know. On that note, everyone is scheduled and while I know some people do it better than I do, this is how I know what is going on here. (drum roll please)

Command Central!

This is how I keep track of everything that I have going on and rid myself of all those notes and invites that come home and I can't help but loose. If you are familiar with Flylady, then this looks very familiar. Her calendar is hanging up on the left, kids 1-3 each have a clip on the bottom, the double clip is hubby's work schedule and phone numbers, and the top right is my YMCA clip. Everything is housed on our back door in the laundry room so it is easy to find, and keeps my fridge clear. As soon as mail enters the house it is sorted, that is if it is not already recycled coming in through the garage. Whatever makes it into the house is immediately opened and dealt with. If it is an event, we RSVP and then write it on the calender. All the kids things are on there as well as a menu. How you ask? Color coding is my friend.
#1 is green, #2 pink, #3 brown, #4 navy, mom red, dad, orange and multifamily members events are an electric blue. I don't have to worry about putting names on the calendar because I just have to glance for colors. I draw lines to show something that continues, like the blue line for soccer down through Saturday. I even know when the Schwan's man is coming since I am sure to put the sticker on as I come back in the house after putting away my groceries. May is a hectic month, the page doesn't normally look that full, but the large spaces make it easy to write as much as I need to. I also have a smaller version of this for my car. No problem planning Dr. visits since I know what's coming. This also helps for scrapbooking, as I just have to look back for dates to events I have photos for. Cool huh? I would love to hear what works for you as any system can always use help...Off to make some salad dressing, thanks Laura!

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