Friday, May 8, 2009

Potato Thyme

I can't believe how nice the weather has been over the last 24 hours. They were predicting rain for the entire week, and while we have had a few nice showers, the weather today was phenomenal! I got my seed potatoes from Territorial a while a go and they have just been patiently waiting in my garage for the snow to melt. While living in Wisconsin is beautiful, the weather is crazy, and you never know when it is going to snow. But today, it reached a whopping 66 degrees and I felt crazy enough to chance it and start digging in the dirt. Here are the cut up seed potatoes.
While harvesting them would be a lot easier in a box, they are really waiting to go in the ground in a trench about 6 inches deep. This will be the first row in our 30x90 foot garden space, and I am planting cranberry and Yukon gold in two rows. Then I will cover them up with about 4 inches of dirt. After I water them, we wait....
(Game show music plays) Ok, we have to wait for a while, but I will be sure to show you when they peek through.
In the mean time, thyme! This is an ongoing project in our front yard. It used to be boring and look like this.
Then, last summer, it looked like this...
And this...
Now, it looks like this. The green is mulch holding down the annual rye grass we planted this spring. I tried to be frugal and plant my own creeping thyme, but it didn't go quite as well as some of my other things. So, for Mother's day this year, I asked for two things, a composter (got it) and plants (got those too since Gander Mountain was running a double points deal on their credit card, which will in turn earn money for hunting gear for one of the kids this fall, or mom) So out I go to plant some thyme between the rocks. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to plant some time for yourself, you would never run out!

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