Monday, May 4, 2009

Menu Monday May 3rd

I had an easy plan week because my new copy of Taste of Home Healthy Cooking came. It is always fun to get mail that does not require me to pay a bill, or remember to pay a bill, or notice of bill forgotten and not paid... So, when the new copy came, my hubby snatched it up and began flipping through it while I was making supper. "Hey, let's have this." (never mind I was halfway through making supper already) Then, I had one of those seldom seen brilliant moments. "Great dear, write it on the calender, page number too." Enter blank stare. "Ok, hang on and I'll write it on the calender."
So, over a quiet supper alone, the kids were already done, having been ok with left-overs, I got out the calender and as he flipped through the recipes picking out what he would like to try, I plugged them in according to protein type and time required to make. Ta Da! Nearly a month in a matter of moments, with no groaning and straining from me trying to be creative. Love it!

Eggs and toast
Veggie breakfast pizza
Muffins and fruit
Apple French Toast
Zucchini Bread and fruit
Blueberry pancakes

Bagels with assorted fillings
Egg salad
Soup and bread

Chicken wings (going out)
Smoked Round and stir fried veggies with rice
Crunchy chicken salad, naan, fruit
Sweet and Tangy Burgers, fries
Zesty Mexican Chicken and rice, salad
Homemade Pizza
Pork Burritos and salad

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