Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I never thought I would be a texter. My mom always gave me a hard time about not having that on my phone, "Come on Sonja, sometimes it is just easier." How could typing out a message be easier than just picking up the phone and calling someone? No need to type back and forth, quicker answers to your questions, and how impersonal is a typed message? That ranks right up there with the e-card for your grandma's birthday, in my book.
I have to say, I have converted.... No, I am still not sending e-cards, and I don't like to text to just chat, unless my girlfriend can't get reception from where she is in Missouri, but there is a time and place for something as handy as a quick note. My favorite use for it now, grocery lists. I hate calling my husband at work, his job is stressful enough without him getting a call for diapers or butter. My solution, a text! If he is not busy, he can call me back, but if he is, he knows to just ignore the buzzing phone in his pocket. It also eliminates the forgotten item because he has a written list of what I need. If I am texting my grocery list now, I wonder what my kids will do when they are married.... Texting, works for me!


  1. I too used to wonder how texting could be easier than picking up the phone and calling. We jumped onto the texting craze late, but I use it all the time now too! :)

  2. I never thought I would text either, but I have three teenage daughters so I text to keep up with them. I can also send them reminders that they can read when they get out of school.

    In fact, I've texted so much that I upgraded to a phone with a full Qwerty keyboard!

  3. I am just like you- just converted to texting this year! I didn't see the point but now I love it. There are times when it is simplier and quicker (and quieter!) to send a txt.

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