Friday, May 22, 2009

Apron Strings

Have I mentioned I am trying to be frugal? Trying being the main word here, it is tough! We are constantly being bombarded as a nation with information about the latest greatest __________ we just can't possibly live without. We won't be complete, our children won't be as smart, our lives just are just so blase or out of it if we don't have such and such product. I got an email the other day recommending we all pay attention to what we were purchasing for one month and avoid buying anything from China in an effort to improve quality control and boost the American economy. While I agree with buying local, I have a problem with the idea of being encouraged to buy. Period. Lately my greatest weakness has been fabric. I am bordering on obsessed. If I have time before picking up kids at school, I find myself more and more often drifting through quilt shops and craft stores to look at the latest patterns and fabrics. I tell myself it is because I am trying to be more frugal and sew things for the kids but there is no way to sew a shirt for as cheap as the local big box store sells it. I just have to be content knowing #2 is wearing an American made product, lol. So where is the frugal in this whole ramble? Well, I found fabric on sale yesterday and bought 2 yards to make an apron. My total cost with fabric and interfacing was $6.82 to make an apron with huge pockets to keep track of my phone (another story). While I was very happy with my purchase, I was bothered by the amount of wasted fabric after cutting out my pieces. Fortunately I have been blessed with a knack for see and copy. So I took my leftover and....... Ta da! Another apron, just big enough for a certain 6 year old who loves to be just like mom! Two for one is my kind of Frugal Friday project! Head over and see Laura for her Frugal Friday idea and her Digi-scrap Giveaway

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