Monday, June 1, 2009

Menu Monday May 31-June 6

It's Monday, it's Monday, so much to do, so much to tell. My sister and her one trailer (ok, one trailer, one pickup bed and one van load, but not bad for a 4 bedroom home) got moved up on Saturday. Hubby and I went will all 4 kids (yes, all 4) and helped her, my step-dad and uncle move in rather quickly. The kids had a great time, she was exhausted from getting up so early and the stress of moving and we all had pizza and a beer to celebrate. Hubby and I got the south fence line put in, I planted petunias, my potatoes came up, and one of my friends had her 5th baby! So did Sara on another blog I follow, but this was her second. Ahhh baby love, nothing like it! Some days I look at my kids and think what fun it would be to have twice the number....
On to the menu!

Whole wheat pancakes with peaches and syrup
Cinnamon breakfast biscuits and smoothies
Eggs and toast
Oatmeal with toppings
French toast with apples
Breakfast cake
Kids choice (usually means cereal)

Last week with just the two little boys, will have to start planning next week, lol.

Grilled round steak, fried potatoes and onions, green beans, rolls
Roasted chicken, carrots and onions, rice, salad
Grilled venison tenderloin, noodles, green beans
Chicken tortellini soup, cheese sandwiches, fruit
Hamburgers, fries and applesauce
Chicken enchiladas with homemade tortillas, salad
Homemade pizza, salad

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