Monday, June 22, 2009

No, I'm not dead...

I think the title is a good way to cover the last two weeks I have not been on. What a zoo! We left here on Friday the 12th after two days of packing and prepping to be gone and stopped in MN for the night at a hotel (great free breakfast the next morning!) Then drove on to my in-laws in Nebraska to surprise my mil for her 60th birthday. She was so excited to see everyone, it was worth the trip. Now that I think about it, between the stop over, and that hubby was with me this time, I can scratch #83 off my list, it wasn't that bad.
After spending two days in Nebraska, it was on to Iowa for the clean up week at the farm. We have had this on the calendar for two years since we have to plan around hubby's schedule. What a week! We burned down the sheep shed, moved bricks from the mill house, helped clean out the barn, wired new lights and outlets in the shop and then had a party just for fun on Friday. Since we stayed out at the farm, we had a whole house and tons of room for ourselves. Not to mention, my family stocked the refrigerator and cleaned before we stayed, so it was kinda like a vacation despite the work. Not to mention, helped out with my budget issues, lol.
Now, back home again and recovering from bug bites, sunburns and laundry, I have a garden full of weeds and an empty refrigerator. So, meal planning will be updated as I go. Sometimes you just gotta fly by the seat of your pants...
Sunday-Smoked pork chops, salad, cottage cheese, strawberry crepes
Monday-Grilled steak, tortellini, broccoli, beets
Tuesday-Naan, hummus, boiled eggs, lettuce, feta cheese, tomatoes and olives
Wednesday-T-bone, baked potato, salad
Thursday- Kids-pizza us-Grilled chicken, pasta with rosemary tomato cream sauce, salad
Friday- Date night!
Saturday- Crock pot Mexican beef into Baked Enchiladas with tomatoes, lettuce (from the garden), corn tortillas and sour cream

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