Friday, June 5, 2009

Grocery budget.... not!

Ok, I just updated my grocery budget post and I gotta say... looks bad, looks bad coach. I knew we were a bit off target, but had no idea how much is spent on food. To be fair, this week is a bit of a stocking up week on items we order only once a month or so. The Schwans man comes the first week of the month, and my Country Life order is rather hit and miss about every 3 months or so. If I had not had those two whoppers we would have been much closer to target. I guess I will just have to keep in mind, the end of the month is where the real numbers come out, and since this month is just to get an idea of what we spend, better to be realistic than idealistic, right. Still I have to shake my head and wonder where all that food goes... oh ya, 4 healthy kids...

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