Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Posts, Posts Everywhere

We did it! 80 bazillion posts later, we have surrounded our yard with what looks like the start of a stockade. What a job that was! I say that somewhat tongue in cheek since my part of it was relatively easy compared to what my hubby did. We had someone come out with a tractor to drill holes since our first attempt didn't quite produce the results we wanted. (read as- rented a machine with not enough power to dig, or a long enough bit to dig deep enough) This put our project up to about a 9 on the cuss-o-meter scale from the start. Only installing our own crown molding was more painful. After some discussion about how the other 86 holes were going to go, we made the decision to pay someone to do what clearly was going to take us that many years to accomplish, and by then our kids would be out of the house and we would be too old to hunt let alone with a new puppy.
Tractor came, and in the same amount of time it took us to do 5 holes, did all the holes! We were ecstatic! String the line, let's start planting posts, no problem right? That was 2 1/2 weeks ago. Between schedules, rain, wind, rain and more wind...(makes the string move) it took a while to get the rest of them in the ground. My job was holder, clamper, water getter, cheerleader and string mover. I have to say, I sweat much less than hubby who was raker and tamper, using a 40 lb iron bar and a lot of sweat and muscles. It never ceases to amaze me what an incredibly strong and resourceful man I have married. God couldn't have given me a better one, and I know that I wouldn't have found such a guy without His awesome hand. Posts are up, hard part is done, and I am overjoyed at the money we saved doing it ourselves. Hard work! Works for me.

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