Monday, June 8, 2009

Grocery budget take 2

Ok, week two of the budget. If you read the last week, you were a) shocked at how much I spent, like I was b) wondering what possessed me to not keep track before or c)... well, there is no c. So off I went, newly determined to stay on task this week. Here is what I spent.
Big box (dried and canned items) $18.50
Local grocery big box $29.03
For a total of $47.53!
Now, before I get too excited about this, bear in mind last weeks lump spending of $295.09 which about put me over the edge when I added it all together. So, now I am up to a total of $342.62. This would be an outstanding total, for a whole month, not 2 weeks! Take a look at my menu to see what I will be making this week with my purchases.

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