Monday, June 29, 2009

Menu Monday June 28-July 4th

I went shopping and vowed to buy only what was on my list in an effort to stick to the budget much better this month. While it didn't go too badly, I did have three extra helpers in the store with me and we all know what happens when you have extra help, (particularly the kind that can't read your list and doesn't understand the word budget). I walked out of the big box with a total of $100.00 on the nose, and our local grocer with another $16.76. I don't feel too terrible with these totals as they do include two packages of diapers ($31.54) and four donuts ($2.32 and still not sure how they talked me into those). Here is our plan for the week.

Eggs and toast
Cinnamon rolls
Blueberry muffins and smoothies
Cold cereal
Kids choice

Lunch-leftovers or cold sandwiches, fruit and veggies

Sunday- Pizza and homemade strawberry ice cream
Monday-Stove top lasagna, salad, tropical fruit
Tuesday-Kitchen sink soup, bread, strawberry and spinach salad
Wednesday- Black beans and rice in the crock pot, corn bread and salad
Thursday- Grilled chicken, salad and plums
Friday-Date night (fish fry)
Saturday- Chicken broccoli bake, apples

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