Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ok, this post was supposed to be something that was working for me. Unfortunately, things are just not working right now. I wish I could take the batteries out of my schedule, hit the reset button and start over, but that is not the case. My calender looks like Crayola threw up on it because I have so much going on, and my grocery bill looks great because we keep eating out! Here is a sample of yesterday...
5:06 alarm going off, hit hubby to hit snooze
5:15 alarm off again, groan, hit hubby, roll out of bed
5:19 realize we are out of milk, start car, find coat (still in pj's) run to neighbors, bother cows, get milk
5:35 get home, start water for oatmeal, agree to let oldest eat last 2 pancakes and last of cereal, hates oatmeal
5:55 have scolded youngest for crying about cereal being gone, pacified him with promise of sugary oatmeal if it would ever cook!
6:16 sigh and tell#2 that if she misses bus she will be very sorry
6:40 shoo #1 and #2 out door, clean up kitchen, roll over laundry, dress self and #4, pack gym bag, kiss hubby goodbye and take #4 for first day of pre-school
7:45 drop off #4, go to Y, laugh at thought of trying to find parking spot
8:00 breath and attempt to clear mind for first yoga class (mind never cleared, yoga hard!)
9:00 pacify irate person who found out my class may change times, take step since yoga didn't raise heart rate (at least not to where it needed to be)
10:30 showered, changed, dropping off #3 at school, meet hubby for coffee and then lunch
12:45 back on the run, groceries to get, have to run home, put away groceries, feed dog, pack bags for tonight, roll laundry, pick up house
4:00 meet hubby, switch cars and kids, drop off #2 gymnastics, go to meet sister to pick up nephew to watch during appointment (read in car)
5:15 appointment done, nephew returned, picking #2 up from gymnastics, meeting hubby after dropping off #1 at swimming for second meal in town
6:15 kiss hubby goodbye (off to meeting) drive to swim, #2 does homework in lobby, keep #3-4 from killing each other, breakdown and turn on sponge bob, scold #2 for not doing homework, scold #3-4 for beating up each other and playing tag in lobby
7:35 can't stand it anymore, take kids #2-4 to car so that at least the other parents can have some peace, text hubby with questions of possible illegal drug use by kids...
8:00 driving home to 3000 viewing of Backyardagins despite swearing no more tv to and from town
8:30 collapse on couch, laundry waiting, kids in bed still yipping, exhausted knowing that hubby will soon be home, hoping that I can stay awake and interested in some personal time with him, rather than him finding me asleep and drooling on a gardening catalog only open to page 3

This is not working for me....


  1. In all that...did you ever take a moment to breathe???? I have four kids, myself, although they are aged 19-27 now (and two are out of the house.) There was a time I had four under the age of 7, and I can't remember my schedule being as hectic as yours is! Isn't there anything you can cut back on, if only for a while? How many activities are your kids involved in? One (plus some kind of religion class if you do that) is enough for any child. Then again, with four kids you could have one activity per day per kid and still use up most of the week! It was like that with us when mine were little. Sometimes I wonder how we got through it, but mine have all turned out fine. Relax, no matter how crazy it gets--it gets better!
    Now, let the laundry go and sit down and have a cup of coffee for five minutes, okay.

  2. i have definately had days like that! Hate 'em! I have 3 munchkins, and work 12 hr night sifts (I'm a nurse). My biggest frustration is not getting enough sleep! I try to get up before the kids so that I have time to actually wake up (that rarely happens)

    We have daily routines for all of us (well not hubby) and I find that that helps. Plus my older two don't get breakfast till they are dressed and beds are made... it's a VERY good motivator!

    Hang in there... this too shall pass...

  3. good grief did anyone eat dinner??