Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shopping trip for January 4

I know the numbers seem a bit high, I was 4.89 under my goal, need to work on that for next week. And then there is the elephant in the list. Let me just say, that when you see a deal, you gotta go for it, right? We don't drink a lot of wine, more of a beer girl myself, but we have friends that do, and we are social people. So when I saw this deal on Facebook, I called my hubby and we made a quick decision to bite the bullet and snap it up. 12 bottles of domestic and imported wine, varying types, all wonderful, for less than $6 a bottle! This will last us quite a while, especially since I am on a bit of a detox in prep for going to Mexico. No alcohol. Yes, you heard me. None. The things I will do to fit in a swimsuit...

Downtown Grocery
Cereal 5.69
Rye flour 4.09
Eggs 4.99
2 Arthur Loops 6.38
Cabbage #1.7 2.63
Pearled barley 2.03
Split peas #2 4.01
Leeks #1.7 5.45
Lime .79
Cilantro 2.89
Wine 71.95
Total 114.59

6 Lean Cuisine meals 6.00
2 Enchilada sauce 3.78
Buttermilk 2.27
Tortillas 1.79
Green peppers 1.02
Home fries 1.98
Mozzarella 4.20
Lettuce 1.69
Grape tomatoes 1.99
Grapes #2 7.90
Cucumber .44
Donut holes 4.78
Carrots #1 .89
Ground Beef 3.00
Sausage 4.13
Beef shank 3.63
Own bags -.20
Total 50.29

Pick 'n Save
Flatouts 2.49
Deli Turkey 5.04
Bananas 2.27
Avocado 1.39
Total 11.14

Raw milk 5 gallons 20.00

Food grand total 120.11
Wine 75.91

Saved budget 4.89
Saved for year 4.89

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