Sunday, January 17, 2010

Menu Monday January 18-24

Since I seem to have the grocery budget somewhat in hand, time to add on dining out to that number. Short of packing a picnic every time we are in town for an activity, there is no way we can avoid it completely. I hope that by posting it, I will be more accountable for money spent dining out. My Money program is doing a good job of making me aware already.

Monday (make bars for mission at church)
Breakfast-Green smoothies and cinnamon muffins
Lunch-Bento #3 Peekaboo sandwiches, dates, cheese worms
Supper-Turkey Keema with spinach, rice

Breakfast-Oatmeal, brown sugar, milk
Lunch-Bento #4 Somen noodle bento, meatballs, fruit cup
Supper-In town (wish me luck)

Wednesday (soak peas)
Breakfast-Crepes with peach filling
Lunch-At school (cheeseburgers-mom bento)
Supper-Bacon, leek and tomato soup, no kneed bread

Breakfast-Cereal and bananas
Lunch-At school (Italian dippers-mom soup)
Supper-Split pea and ham soup, homemade rolls

Friday-No school
Breakfast-Blueberry pancakes, bananas
Lunch-Garlic alfredo pasta, salad
Supper-Tortellini soup, turkey and asiago sandwiches, apples

Breakfast-Kid's choice
Lunch-Roast chicken, green beans, rice
Supper-Pizza (stock in crock pot)

Brunch-Eggs and toast, cinnamon rolls, fruit
Supper-Chicken noodle soup, homemade bread, cheese

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