Monday, October 12, 2009

Half The Kids

I am tired. Our new school schedule has been a difficult adjustment for everyone in the house, and I seem to be taking the longest to get with the program. Monday and Tuesday are the worst days since we have activities right after school for our two oldest. That usually means me in the car with all the kids trying to juggle supper, homework, movies, library books and whatever else we can or need to occupy our time while swimming and gymnastics are going on.
Today, my husband was home from work, and while he had plenty of his own projects to take care of, he kept the younger two kids so they didn't have to go sit in the car during the night's activities. Our kids are good, but it is just nice to only have the ones that need to be in the car, in the car. What a guy! Today I am grateful to him for keeping half of the kids to make my life a bit easier, even though it made his a little more crazy. I love him!


  1. It's always great when you only have to take out half the kids...Have a great day!

    Here's what I'm grateful for!

  2. so glad that you got that extra helping hand