Monday, October 5, 2009

Menu Monday October 5-12

I spent a total of $106.75 at two grocery stores this week. Here is what that looks like...chinese 5/$5.00
yeast 2/$1.98
2 bags choc chips-$5.00
ricotta-$2.85 (not on sale)
cheddar cheese-$2.08
butter 2/$3.00
WW meals 9/$24.18
evap milk-$1.19
summer sausage #1- $5.04
chicken thighs-$4.99
Newman sauce 2/$4.00
english muffins-.79
spinach-$3.29 (not on sale)
beef stew meat #1.5-$4.57
ground round 90% #1.5- $3.58
rump roast #2.6- $6.50

IGA was $83.94 which is not too bad for a week to supplement what we already have in stock, still not as low as I would like it. I did save $13.92 by shopping my flyer.
Sweet potato chips -$4.29
Eggs- $2.99
Kiwi- #1/$2.66
Bananas #7/$3.45
Bug Chocolate-$0.79

The Downtown Grocery store was only 22.81, bear in mind that everything that comes from there is a combination of Moonshadow Farms (local organic) or shipped in organic. If there is a local option, I prefer that. Even the beer we purchase is made here in town, food less traveled!

Here is my menu for the week.
Sunday brunch (eggs benedict, pancakes and fruit)
Homemade donuts
Cold cereal
Smoothies and toast with pb
Pancakes with fruit on top
Egg sandwiches
Sunday brunch again (may eat out)
Apple muffins

Leftovers, cold lunch or school lunch

Frozen pizza and salad
Football food (mini quiche, empanadas, neighbors brought-veggie tray, stuffed mushrooms)
Chili and macaroni noodles, apples
Japanese mum's chicken, homemade bread, broccoli
Chili dogs, chips, apples
Roast, garden carrots and potatoes, kiwi
Lasagna, salad, pears
Beef stew with garden vegetables, parmesan-cornmeal biscuits
General Tso's chicken, stir fried vegetables, egg rolls

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