Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Ok, here is my shopping for this week. I didn't wait for the flyer to come out as I had specific things I needed to get whether they were on sale or not. Now that I have the flyer, I think that I will plan next week's menu and buy on Sunday. Maybe if I plan and shop a week ahead the budget can be followed a bit better. I did calculate that if we didn't eat out at all this week, I would have spent $1.50 per person, per meal. That is 6 people, 7 days, 3 meals a day, not bad, still can do better.

Downtown Grocery (organic items)
$5.69 Corn flakes
$4.49 Blueberry monkey bars
$5.59 Detox tea
$3.49 Pita chips
$2.19 Baking powder ( aluminum free)
$18.00 Produce (celery, mango, kiwi, lettuce, zucchini, green grapes)
$39.45 Total

Big box
$3.48 Babybel light cheese (spurge)

$1.94 Unbleached AP flour
$6.79 Summer sausage
$7.66 2 Ham (preservative free)
$7.66 2 Turkey (preservative free)
$2.70 whole milk
$11.96 Cheese (muenster, havarti, string, sharp cheddar)
$2.89 Yogurt
$1.99 Olives
$3.78 2 Creamer (for playgroup)
$5.90 2 Butter
$3.34 Orange juice (splurge)
$13.20 2 chicken breast
$6.71 Ground chuck
$2.51 Cauliflower
$1.39 Pita
$1.65 Brown sugar
$2.70 #5 bananas
$3.49 Strawberries (for playgroup)
$2.49 Romaine
$2.99 Honey nut scooters
$2.99 Mini donuts (playgroup)
$1.49 French bread (playgroup)
$2.49 Buns
$1.39 Diet soda (whew)
$102.35 Total (saved $10.11, but spent $11.31 extra for playgroup)

$145.28 Grand total for the week. Will still need eggs again before week is done.

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