Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School = Schedule = Sanity

I love school, in every way. I love new pencils, new (to us) clothes, new grade levels and student planners, and new schedules. Even though my alarm goes of at 5:30, and boy is hubby excited about that one, lol, I love the idea of each new day starting of quietly in the dark where I can collect my thoughts for the day. My oldest slips into the routine of school so easily every year I never worry that he won't pound up the steps shortly after I get up. My second one... not so much. It is like pulling teeth to get that girl out of bed. Number 3 is like that too, but since he doesn't have to be at school until after lunch, not really a problem. The baby? Well, I think he is already showing signs of being more like the oldest, so all is good.
Between school starting and the garden, things have been busy around here. The sweet corn is nearly done, I have a batch drying right now on my counter, and the tomatoes are not yet red, so you know what that means? Apples.
I am going to do applesauce, sliced apples for pie and cobbler, dried apples, apple butter, and whatever else I can think of to do with them since we get them for free from our neighbor. You can't beat free... just ask Laura about her tomatoes.

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