Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu Monday October 19-25

I made such cute bentos this morning for my kids. It was Kirby out of salami and Havarti cheese. Did I take a picture... of course not! Crud. I am sure these will be a hit and requested frequently, so eventually I will get one. Here is our week's menu.

Breakfast-French toast with syrup
Lunch-Sandwiches, carrots and celery, mangoes, pb cookie
Supper-Noodles & Company curry soup (in town)

Breakfast-Playgroup-Blueberry brunch bake, muffins, fruit, coffee, juice, milk
Lunch-Turkey sandwiches, broccoli, dates
Supper-In town for gymnastics, swim, and conferences

Breakfast-Scrambled eggs w/ bacon, toast bananas
Lunch-Sub sandwiches, pita chips, fruit cups
Supper-Chicken noodle soup, homemade bread with cheese

Breakfast-Oatmeal, toast
Lunch-Pb&j roll-ups, carrots, bananas
Supper-Finger picking chicken balls, rice, garlic green beans

Breakfast-Lemon poppy seed muffins, apples
Lunch-Leftover chicken balls and rice
Supper-Pizza, salad, Four cheese Panini with basil tomatoes

Breakfast-Pancakes, blueberries, whipped cream
Lunch-Wausau Area Empty Bowls
Supper-no clue...

Supper-Tacos and angel food cake with strawberries (#3 birthday choice)

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