Thursday, April 16, 2009

I did not just do that...

You know when you are so angry.... I mean really angry, that you can't do anything but cry...Usually I would just let it go and not worry. Ya, well, hard to do when you are sitting in front of a bunch of teachers, advisors and the superintendent of schools! Our last four years at our current school have been progressively worse and worse. Year after year we have to hear, "We've never had a kid like #1. He reads all the time, he doesn't listen in class. Sometimes we find him with a book behind his textbook."
I know, very few parents can complain about that. I thank God that he was born with the brain he has. Sometimes though, I feel like I have a special needs child that no one quite knows what to do with. Every year since we changed schools for the move, we have had to fight for his education to be what he needs. Every year we were told, "He'll be serviced in the classroom. We will challenge him. He will get what he needs." Well guess what, HE HASN"T! And then I find out yesterday that he may have qualified for advance placement at the middle school for reading if I was willing to drive him in. I lost it! When they asked if there were any questions.... I couldn't stop myself, and everyone got a taste of my frustration. Year after year of starting over, year after year of curriculum battles, and year after year of only the GT teacher and us knowing what he was capable of, but powerless in the short time to change anything. I told everyone, "I just want someone to know him. I want someone who understands him and works with us, and I feel now that we are moving on to middle school and loosing the one GT teacher that was our help, we were starting all over again!" Enter tears....I knew how powerful my love for my children was, the day they were born. I am amazed still at the strength God gives us to not fear embarrassment, and to fight for what we know they need.
The fight continues, but I know after yesterday, I can face anything.

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