Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two boys, no dressers.

I have climbers. They are on the couch arms, flying through the air, jumping on the pillows and up and down the bunk ladder more times in a day than I want to think about. All those chances for something to break and fortunately, not a cast in the house. We wanted them to have room to play in their room, but where to put two beds, toys, clothes and the multitude of books? Not to mention not wanting to add another piece of furniture for them to use as a launching pad when they were being (insert superhero here). The closet was the answer. Before we had a single rod and shelf, nothing could be reached, they couldn't choose what they wanted to wear, and things were not getting worn before they were outgrown because they were out of sight in bins in the basement. Enter Rubbermaid closet organizer extraordinare! We loved the results so much that we bought another one while it was on sale for #2 room. YAY! Works for us!

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