Monday, April 6, 2009

Menu Monday April 5-11

Got myself organized with much help this weekend. It only took me half the morning and afternoon with many suggestions from the kids to get the menu planned for the month of April. This morning, the two youngest spent time with mom at the local hardware store getting wheat, and at W to get everything else for the month aside from milk and fresh fruit. I love being organized!

Sunday 4-5 (precook burger for tomorrow, get milk)
Breakfast-Pancakes and bacon
Lunch-PB&J, bananas (dad was sleeping)
Supper-Ground beef stroganoff and peas

Monday 4-6 (soak oatmeal)
Breakfast-Cini muffins and oat bran
Lunch-Hot ham and cheese, french fries
Supper-Lasagna, caesar salad, beet pickles

Tuesday 4-7 (make tortillas)
Breakfast-Oatmeal with fruit or meusli
Lunch-Egg rolls and applesauce
Supper- Turkey cutlets, bacon cranberry sprouts, beets

Wednesday 4-8 (soak waffles, and cornbread)
Breakfast-Eggs and toast
Lunch-PB&J, carrots
Supper-Steak, fried potatoes and onions, broccoli

Thursday 4-9(boil eggs)
Breakfast-Waffles and applesauce
Lunch- Cheese sandwich and bananas
Supper-Beef and cheese enchiladas and cornbread, plums

Friday 4-10 (Holy day)
Breakfast- Baked doughnuts and hard boiled eggs
Lunch-Bagels and cream cheese, apples
Supper- Jenny shrimp, rice and salad

Saturday 4-11
Breakfast-Sausage and biscuits
Lunch-Ate in town
Supper- Swiss steak and pierogies, apple sauce

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