Friday, May 28, 2010

Eggs again, but better

You all know my thing about eggs don't you? My hubby makes raw egg, raw milk shakes in the morning so I felt like the price I was paying for my eggs was worth knowing they were good. So how could these eggs get any better?
Well..... I am a huge advocate for getting to know the people you are buying your food from. So I was talking to one of the owners of the Downtown Grocery the other day, and mentioned that I could not find anyone to share a case of eggs with me in order to get the 10% case discount they offer. That would have dropped my eggs down to $4.50 a dozen. Yes, I know that still seems like a lot, but I have good math to back that one up. Besides, when you consider that we go through a loaf of bread and a dozen eggs in the morning, and that feeds six of us for less than a dollar a person. Try doing that at a restaurant on a Sunday morning!
As I was saying, I was telling Blaine that I had not found anyone to share a case, and as many eggs as we eat in a month, there is no way we are going to eat 16 dozen eggs, 10 yes, but a case, afraid not. So, Blaine tells me that if we are eating 10 dozen a month, why not just come out to the farm and he will sell them to us wholesale.
Are you kidding?
Then in the same week (because of the same man) I found an organic milk supplier that charges $5 a gallon for certified organic milk. Sooooooooo, long story short, I raised my milk by $1 a gallon, but dropped my eggs by $1.50 a dozen. More eggs, better milk, and come out $0.50 ahead? I would call that a Frugal Friday! What I want to know is, are you on a grocery budget? Do you stick to it and pay only cash, or tally up your receipts when you get home and try not to cry?


  1. That is so neat that you can buy your eggs that way.
    I have been couponing for a few years now and have built up quite a stockpile. I don't even have to use that many coupons now because I've already got most of the stuff already. So I can put a little extra towards better meat, dairy and produce. Of course, when it comes to some things (like meat and butter) I 'stock up' when there's a good sale. Can you believe I recently bought $250 worth of groceries (mostly meat that was BOGO) for $98, and I only used one coupon? The trick is: don't buy it when you need it, buy it when it is on sale and build a stockpile. (I could go on forever about this, LOL!) BTW, I'm not on a budget, but my grocery bill doesn't make me cry, either.
    Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad you liked my apron. I try not to leave clothespins on the line--teensy spiders like to make homes on them.