Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu Monday May 9-15

What a wonderful Mother's Day! I opened my personal thumbprint art from my 4-K child before we left the house, and watered the flower from my 1st grader. We went to church where I wore my new beads my preschooler made me, and then across the street to the 6th Street Filling Station to eat breakfast, while carrying the two Right to Life roses I got at church. The kids had stuffed french toast or cinnamon roll french toast (which I have got to recreate at home on the new baking pan from my oldest) and hubby and I had eggs benedict. Then we stopped by the grocery store to get a ham for supper. While we were sitting in the car discussing what to eat with it, hubby suggested we have snacks to tide us over since it was 10:30 and we had just eaten, this turned into just having appetizers for supper. YUMMY! The kids helped cook, and we ended up with our first annual tapas for mother's day supper. On the table were meatballs, egg rolls, grilled chicken wings, bruschetta, homemade tortilla chips, dill pickle rolls, black bean pinwheels and a veggie tray. We had just a couple bites of everything so that left us with no leftovers and just enough room for ice cream afterwards. Since we had spent the day outside doing yard work, it was the best mother's day yet in my mind. Today I will look through the cookbook my husband blessed me with (does he know how to keep a girl's heart or what) and figure out what is on the menu for next week. How did you celebrate?

Eggs benedict
Buttermilk coffee cake and bananas
Toasted banana bread, applesauce
Pumpkin muffins and yogurt
Bagel egg sandwich
Kids choice

Grilled cheese, pickled beets
Lunch at school
Lunch at school
Turkey sandwich and fruit cups
Bento box faces
Burgers and home fries

Asparagus primavera, grilled chicken breast
Dirty rice, salad and veggies
Steak, baked potato and broccoli
Chicken penne and salad
Pizza and tortilla crusted tilapia with salad
Sandwiches and tortellini soup

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