Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shopping Trip March 30

On budget at the grocery store, but headed out of town this weekend, so will be hard to stay under at a restaurant. I think what is the most frustrating about typing this in is seeing all the things I could have made from scratch but bought to make my life easier so we could be outside. Lame excuse since I just was explaining to my oldest that it really doesn't take that much time to make things from scratch vs a box. This is why I type out my list, really makes me face my excuses in a concrete way.

Downtown Grocery
2 Doz Eggs 9.98
Kefir 5.19
1.75 lbs Carrots 2.65
Garlic .84
Onion 1.56
Cauliflower 5.39
Total 25.61

Quality Foods
Taco shells 2.05
#2 Butter 5.00
Buttermilk 2.28
Cottage Cheese 2.70
2 natural pb 4.58
Refried beans 1.29
Hollandaise sauce 1.39
English Muffins 1.59
Tortillas 2.79
Pie crust 2.75
Broccoli 1.36
Strawberries 2.00
Potato 0.26
Rice cakes 1.87
#3 Ground chuck 5.37
Total 37.29

Total 62.90

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