Monday, March 22, 2010

Menu Monday March 21-27

Sunday-On the road from Nebraska
Breakfast- Pancakes and cinnamon rolls
Lunch- Applebee's
Supper- Subway

Breakfast-Cereal and raw milk
Lunch- Grilled cheese and applesauce
Supper- Steak, green beans, corn, ranch potatoes

Breakfast- Eggs and toast, white peaches
Lunch- Chicken soup and ham roll ups
Supper-St. Patty's day late Corned beef, colecannon, cabbage (boiled and fried), scones

Breakfast- Pumpkin muffins, bananas
Lunch- Ham and cheese pockets, applesauce
Supper- Grilled chicken legs and wings, corn, salad

Breakfast-Cereal and cinnamon toast
Lunch- At school
Supper- Gumbo and corn bread

Breakfast-Waffles and peaches with whipped cream
Lunch- Spaghetti
Supper- Cheese and bean enchiladas

Breakfast- Cranberry white chocolate scones
Lunch-Grilled chicken, green beans, coleslaw
Supper- Pizza and a movie

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