Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Book of Job

Tomorrow we will celebrate 14 years together. That is such an incredible number, 14 years, especially now considering the divorce rate. In that time we have gone from nothing but love to everything and still love and we are on top of the world. We buried a Dad, had four children, lived in a trailer, built a home, went from unemployed to paying our debt off a bit at a time, and we are so grateful for the gifts God has blessed us with.
Somewhere between yesterday's phone call, and tomorrow's news, we are waiting to see if we are going to lose it all. We may have to start all over again. I begin to prepare myself for the fight ahead, not for our possessions, but for our marriage. I will fight, not for our home, but for the structure and security my children deserve. Our little bit of land is beautiful, but it represents a labor of love, turning a field into a garden, and that can be rebuilt. It is not about the money we have made, but the debts that we have repaid, and we have done it honestly. It's not about pride... but it is....
So tomorrow, on our anniversary, we will find out if our lives continue like they have, and pray our children never know the difference. Please Lord, remind me today of Job and how through it all he never turned away from you. Today, I just need to know that you are an Awesome God and all things are in your hands. I am grateful that I know this.

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