Monday, July 13, 2009

Menu Monday July 12-18

My sister brought over a fun new WW cookbook called 5 Ingredient 15 Minute Cookbook. What better idea than that? It is a beautiful cookbook with a ton of recipes in it, it has shopping lists on the side and entire menu's on each page with their "point" values included. This is my kind of cookbook. I made out my menu and my shopping list and marched into big-box determined to only buy what was on the list in order to stay on my budget.
I have to say I did stick to my list with the exception of a couple staples that I was out of like sugar and baking soda. Despite making my menu and sticking to the list, I still came away with a total of $135.00 for the week. Now while this is not bad for a family of six, it is not where I would like to be. So... here is my menu for the week, and I will be looking for ideas on how to do this even more cost effectively while still continuing to know what I am eating before 5:00 hits. Any ideas?

Chocolate chip scones and milk
French toast sticks and syrup
Cereal (Kashi)
Breakfast kabobs
Eggs and toast
Breakfast cookies
Egg Quesadillas

Re-runs (otherwise knows as left-overs)
Carrot and celery sticks
Bagels and cream cheese
Wraps and chips

Sunday- Tilapia sandwiches with chipotle slaw, peaches (6 points)
Monday-Cheese and green onion omelets with blueberries and grapes (6 points) and toast
Tuesday-Asian pork wraps, slaw, oranges (8 points)
Wednesday-Roast beef sandwiches, cucumber and onion salad, (5 points)
Thursday-Italian pot roast, polenta, salad (10 points)
Friday-Shrimp rolls, pear kiwi salad (6 points)
Saturday-Shredded beef enchiladas, salad (still looking for a low point option for this)

Now I am off to email my sister and let her know the menu is up, this way she can decide for herself what nights look good to have dinner here, we love it when she comes!

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