Friday, July 24, 2009

Bloggy Break

Yes, I am on a break. It seems kinda lazy to tell you after the fact and not have written it at the start of the week, like it was something I already had on my calender. The fact is, whenever my hubby is home, it seems like I never have time to read the blogs I follow, let alone compose my own thoughts... So this week I have spent in the garden praying for rain, loving my new clothesline and being just a bit glad for the sun despite my wilting peas, and getting ready for the weekend. On Saturday we will take a trip to the capitol city to spend the night before leaving our oldest at camp for a whole week. He is very excited for the opportunity, and really, I am excited for him too. I just hate that he has to be gone so far, for so many nights, away from the safety of home and watchful eye of his parents. I know that the day he becomes an adult is fast approaching, but he assures me that he plans to live at home until he is 35 so I won't have to worry about him. We'll see... I'll be back on Monday with our new menu and budget strategy. Peas anyone?

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