Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stepping Into the Unknown

So here I go, venturing into the world of Blogging. I have to admit, I was completely new to this two months ago and had no idea of the extent of people out there who write about their daily lives. One day, happened to stumble across a blog while reading online and from then on, it was nothing short of an educational experience.
I used to teach 6th grade in Omaha, NE and I learned something new every day from those kids. If it wasn't something they shared, it was something I had to research in order to keep one step ahead of a generation that was different than my own. I only had one child then, and my husband and I were just getting started on our life together. It was chaos! Get up, get ready for work, drop son off at daycare, be at school for 9-10 hours, pick up son, go home and try to cook. To top all that off, hubby was back in school for the third time. Fast forward and five years later, we are blessed with four children, and an income that let me quit my job and stay at home. What a great life I have, but I have to admit, I miss the adult interaction.
This leads me to my discovery of the blog world. In an effort to once again learn something new, I started researching and reading about women who cover their heads. What an eye-opener! I never realized how many people were out there sharing their thoughts on a daily basis. The word Blog always conjured up a mental image of some political fanatic, hunched over their computer, spouting existentialism and in general, mad at the world. This is not what I found. Each time I looked, my eyes were opened to a world of lovely young ladies who were openly posting their hopes, dreams and beliefs in God and a wealth of knowledge. Now, here I am. I am looking forward to where this diary of sorts will take me. Even if no one ever reads this, I hope to learn something new about myself as I write.

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