Saturday, March 7, 2009

Is it the weather?

What is it about kids and the weather? The past few days we have had a drastic change in our temperature here and you would think the circus had made a stop in our house. I know I have been feeling a bit crazy being cooped up with the subzero temperatures, but apparently it is nothing to what has been brewing in their little bodies. The oldest kids don't want to come in when they get off the bus because the annual "river" is running down the ditch and through the culvert at the road. When the oldest came in, he was soaked. "Mom, I thought the ice was thicker than it was and I tried to jump over it. Then I sunk in the water cuz it cracked and then I fell back and tried to catch myself, and then my gloves went in and now you have to put everything in the dryer, Mom, cuz it is soaked!" Breathe man.... I had him put it all in the laundry room and explained three times why and how he needed to put his gloves over the floor vent to dry. Needless to say, I was not putting them and a pair of size 7 boots into my dryer. Can you imagine the noise? I shut the door and didn't think about it while we got dinner. Two hours later, I opened the door and nearly died.... the smell! I think there is some sort of chemical reaction between clothing and boys over the age of 8, seriously! Never in my life! To top it off, I can't find the boot dryer DH uses and these boots are so heavy, I fail to understand how he can run for the bus in them. Maybe that's why he doesn't run....

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