Monday, March 16, 2009

Menu Monday March 15th-19th

Here we are, Monday! I can say that with some excitement because as far as food goes, my week is without stress. I just gave a presentation to some of the gals in my newcomer group on freezer cooking and the main point I stressed was using the Flylady calendar to plan your meals. This eliminates that stress that you feel at 5:00 when the kids start pawing at your leg and telling you they are starving. One of these days I need to explain the difference between hungry and starving, because let me tell you, these kids have never starved!
This is a short menu since we are out of town starting Thursday night, but the planning is still there for the start of the week. I know when we get to my mother-in-law's house in Nebraska, the meals are out of my hands, which is nice in a way, but makes it hard to stick to my points goal for WW.

Sunday (marinade wings)
Pancakes a la Dad (my favorite)
Grilled cheese and soup
Runzas and curly fries

Monday (make butter, soak beans and pinhead oatmeal)
Blueberry muffins
Chicken noodle soup, bananas
Sesame Chicken wings, rice, green beans

Tuesday (soak oatmeal)
Irish pancakes with bacon
Cheese sandwiches, green yogurt smoothies
Five-bean chili, cornbread, strawberry pops (we have a date)

Bagels with cream cheese, apples, carrot sticks
Frozen pizza, salad

French toast, apple sauce
On the road (gross to think about)

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