Sunday, January 2, 2011

Menu Monday January 3rd

Happy New Year! Welcome to the start of a beautiful new year with all of it's freshness and resolutions. Here is our first menu for 2011.

Muffins with yogurt
Egg sandwiches with bacon
Cereal with bananas
Pecan sweet rolls and fruit
Baked eggs with sausage and fruit

Potstickers with soba noodles, edamame and oranges
Turkey soboro, rice, green beans and apples
Sandwiches, carrot sticks and spread cheese
Cheese sandwiches, tomato soup
Soba bento, crab and cabbage salad, broccoli
Turkey soup with homemade bread

Spaghetti with sauce, garlic bread
Baked chicken, oven fries, veggie sticks
Chicken potpie, cottage cheese
Turkey, sweet potatoes, salad, fruit
Hot wings/ pizza
Salmon, brown rice, salad
Who knows?

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