Sunday, January 16, 2011

Menu Monday January 17

Snow and more snow have been on the agenda, in addition to swimming and more swimming... Doesn't sound like a sentence I ever thought I would be saying, but here I am running swimmer, wrestler, academic clubber, another swimmer, another swimmer.... you know how it goes. Somehow I find myself under the delusion that we are going to be a one sport family. Right. Reality calls, and so does the need for another menu.

Egg sandwiches, oranges
Cereal, bananas
Smoothies and muffins
Blueberry pear oatmeal
PB and apple toast

Ham and pear salads, tortillas
Leftover Reuben and kiwi
Turkey sandwiches, oranges
Chef salad, apples
Rosemary Chicken and potato salad
Leftover salad
Tomato melts with fruit

Reuben Sandwiches, oranges
Baked fish, green beans, rice
Spaghetti and salad
Turkey Burgers with coleslaw
Mexican Pitas
Salmon with green beans and rice
Steak, coleslaw or salad, sweet potato

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