Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Monday January 24th

It is going to be an interesting week food wise. I have the hubby home all week, which makes an apple and piece of cheese lunches not really an option. I have two extra kids home today and tomorrow since a water main at their school broke, which means pb n j is an option. I have not lost any weight in three weeks, which means whatever I have been doing is not an option...
So, what are my options? Go with the flow! Yup, not much in the way of grocery shopping, just eating what we have on hand, and stretching my brain to use it the most creatively.

Pumpkin muffins, milk, oranges
Oatmeal with pears and blueberries
Egg sandwiches
Cereal and bananas
Caramel pecan rolls, eggs, fruit

Ranch turkey wrap, tomatoes, blue chips
Ham and cheese panini, tomato soup
Leftover whatever
Grilled chicken, rice, squash
Noodle and boiled egg bento
Spaghetti and lettuce salad (big guys out of town)

Beef tips and homemade mac-n-cheese
Steak, squash, lettuce salad
Chicken noodle soup, soft pretzels
Turkey burgers, sweet potato fries pineapple
Pizza movie night
Kids choice or chili
Roast beef, potatoes, green beans

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  1. Sounds yummy to me...and I laughed out loud at your "whatever I have been doing is not an option!" Too funny. Go easy on yourself mama, life is too short.