Monday, August 23, 2010

Menu Monday August 22-28

Our last week at home before school starts and I am not sure who is more excited, me or the kids. We started getting up earlier today to get into practice and (most of) the kids sprang out of bed ready to go. Grocery shopping today as I am looking at a bare refrigerator, but not before I butcher the tomatoes in my garden.

Eggs and biscuits
French toast
Zucchini muffins and smoothies
Egg sandwiches
Kid's choice

Grilled cheese and tomato soup
Tuna salad and fruit
Meatballs, egg noodles, salad
Turkey sandwiches, fruit
Chili, rice

Leftover makeover Cuban style
Grilled chicken, rice, salad
Hamburgers, sweet potato fries, celery/carrots
Salmon, couscous, salad
Burritos with stuff on them
Frozen pizza/Movie
Grilled cheese, salad

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